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A Healthy Diet for a Healthy Brain

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A Healthy Diet for a Healthy Brain
A Healthy Diet for a Healthy Brain
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Run Time: 2 hours

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Carrots make you friendly, fish makes you intelligent… What if it were true?

Food goes straight to our brain. Many recent discoveries have shown that our mental health, moods, and intellectual ability are directly influenced by our diet, sometimes in a matter of days. One reason to make what we put on our plate an ally for our intellectual and mental health.

What about the so-called “junk food?” It makes lab rats put on weight, of course, but it also has a direct impact on memory, which starts to suffer after a few days on this diet. We, as human beings, can protect our brain function. And, more importantly, there are the ideal foods to eat to maintain it and be sure it develops properly.

This program provides important information about foods to improve our daily functioning. First, we learn which foods are the unhealthiest to perfect the ideal dishes for our brain. And, as we discover these dishes are not only nourishment for the brain… they are also delicious!

Bonus Feature – Cooking at the Academy.

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