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Wildlife Symphony

Part Number QD8112
Wildlife Symphony
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Run Time: 48 minutes
UPC: 033937081125
ISBN: 9781594644481

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From the overture to the final curtain call, this musical journey takes you to the far corners of the Earth to watch fascinating animals frolic, prance, and dance across breathtaking landscapes, all set to music by the world's great classical composers. In Borneo's rainforest, watch orangutans swing through the green canopy to the gentle strains of Reger's "The Virgin Slumber Song." Take a dip with playful dolphins and sea lions as they swirl to Debussy's "Reflections on the Water." Enjoy Antarctic penguins playing like little children to Bizet's "Jeux d'Enfants." Enjoy a bald eagle soaring across the winter skies of Yellowstone National Park on the wings of Brahms symphony. Delight in Strauss' "Perpetual Motion," the perfect musical accompaniment for the slapstick antics of Midway Island's gooney birds. All this and more awaits you on this enchanting musical voyage. Come along--and see the animal kingdom come alive to the sound of music.

Musical Pieces Include:

"Overture from the Magic Flute" - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart  -  2:16

"Dance of the Swans from Swan Lake" - Peter Ilych Tchaikovsky  -  1:22

"The Virgin's Slumber" - Max Reger  -  1:51

"Reflections on the Water" - Claude Debussy  -  5:38

"March from Jeux d'Enfants" - Georges Bizet  -  2:18

"Largo from Concerto in D" - Antonio Vivaldi  -  1:55

"Rakoczy March: Damnation of Faust" - Hector Berlioz  -  1:23

"Dance of the Water Nymphs from the Lorelei" - Alfredo Catalini  -  4:25

"Symphony No. 1 in C Minor: Fourth Movement Theme" - Johannes Brahms  -  3:15

"Firebird Suite: The Infernal Dance of the King Kastchei; Cradle Song" - Igor Stravinsky  -  1:07 & 3:15

"Ballet Music from Aida" (excerpts) - Giuseppe Verdi  -  2:10 & 1:29

"The Pleasure Dome of Kubla Khan" - Charles Tomlinson Griffes  -  5:58

"Perpetual Motion" - Johann Strauss, Jr.  -  1:57

"Duet Theme from the Pearl Fishers" - George Bizet  -  2:43

"Scherzo from 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'" - Felix Mendelsohn  -  2:46

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