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Trekking the World 6 pk.

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Trekking the World 6 pk.
Trekking the World 6 pk.
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Run Time: 10 hours
UPC: 033937039454
ISBN: 9781594645648

Available on Amazon Prime. Here's a link to Trekking the World: Malaysia and Bali - Click Here  Otherwise, please search - Questar Trekking the World.

Trekking the World is a global adventure travel program featuring awe-inspiring locations. Damon Redfern travels the world in search of the most stirring places of historical, cultural and spiritual significance.

Twelve incredible journeys, including:

DVD 1: Sedona, Peru, Costa Rica:

Part 1: Sedona - Sedona is a small city in Northern Arizona that boasts a breathtaking landscape of mountains, desert, and unique red sandstone formations. It has a reputation as a mystical hotspot, attracting adventure-seekers from around the globe. Damon sets out to uncover the source of Sedona's power, visiting its famed vortices to experience their strange energy. He learns the history of the Native Americans and how their culture is linked to New Age beliefs. He spends time with spiritualists, artists, and storytellers, who expose him to great mysteries of the past and offer fascinating visions of the future. Damon gains new perspective on what came before this world and what will shape the next one. He discovers that Sedona inspires people to open their minds and connect with the spiritual universe.

Part 2: Peru - Peru is a nation of contrasts, with a capital city larger than New York, and villages that haven't changed in a thousand years. In Pre-Columbian times, the land was ruled by the Incas, an ancient civilization who worshipped the sun gods. They held fascinating rituals and created incredible architectural wonders. A mixture of European, South American, and ancient influences, Peru is a compelling land of mystery. Damon embarks on a journey high in the Andes to the lost Inca city of Machu Picchu, traveling through the major cities and smaller villages of Peru, before reaching his ultimate destination. He discovers that the old beliefs are far from gone. Yesterday's abandoned religion may appear much like today's New Age thought. The Incan beliefs are still alive in the hearts of many people, who have embraced Spanish culture, but have not forgotten their ancient ancestors.

Part 3: Costa Rica - Costa Rica is a land of diverse ecological wealth, ancient rainforests, majestic mountains, endless beaches, and verdant valleys. But perhaps Costa Rica's greatest natural treasure isn't its ecological diversity, but its human protectors. The people of Costa Rica have been pioneers in sustainability and environmental stewardship. Damon spends his time in Costa Rica indulging in the land and involving himself in the people who dedicate their lives to protecting it. He learns about the country's unique environment and animal tapestry while exploring the beauty and bounty of the land.

DVD 2: Ireland and Malta:

Part 1: Ireland - Ireland is a lush and beautiful island with a landscape of rolling hills, thick forests, and vast farmlands. Christianity has been a strong force since the 7th century, but the pagan rituals and ancient beliefs of early history left a strong impact, manifesting themselves in fairytales and folklore. It has gained a reputation as a spirited nation, full of playful and feisty people. Damon experiences firsthand what makes the Emerald Isle so special. He explores Ireland's spiritual history, from ancient Celtic and Druid rituals, to the power of the Catholic Church, and on to Ireland's New Age renaissance. Damon meets the people, visits the sacred sites, and sees the myths and legends that define Ireland's spiritual heritage. He discovers that Ireland has an elusive aura of enchantment and magic that can't quite be defined, but is sure to charm anyone who visits.

Part 2: Malta - Malta, a tiny island located in the Mediterranean Sea, has a population of just over 400,000 people, a small city in most countries. It has been occupied by a myriad of nations, all of which helped to shape its culture. The Romans and the Spanish fostered a devotion to Roman Catholicism. The Arabs created the Maltese language. The Normans left them with a flag. Local pubs from the era of British rule are still easy to find. Join Damon as he explores this small, devoutly Roman Catholic, country. He studies the history that gives the Maltese people such a strong sense of pride; the legends of the Knights of St. John, the miracles of St. Paul, and even the possibility that Malta may have been an outpost of the fabled lost city of Atlantis. He admires magnificent churches, art galleries, and museums that pay tribute to a rich religious history and discovers that the spiritual strength of the Maltese people is built on the foundations of their noble past.

DVD 3: China:

Part 1: China, Part 1 - China spans the continuum of ancient and modern it's a sweeping land of vast expanse punctuated by intimate realizations, an intricate society that glides seamlessly between bold public gestures and private moments of individual joy. It is in a word- fascinating. China is a country united by what it means to Chinese, but strengthened by the diversity of 56 different ethnic groups, and Damon treks the rural heartland of China's remote provinces to meet some of the nation's most colorful and distinct ethnic minorities. In a land of 1.3 billion people, he seeks out the distant villages and peoples that time forgot to learn their traditional myths and legends, and to see how modern China is a blending of ancient peoples and futuristic ideals.

Part 2: China, Part 2 - The ancient Chinese called their land the Middle Kingdom, because to them, they were at the center of the universe. It led the world in art and culture, economics, security, language, and identity. Fast forward a few thousand years and it seems as if history is once again repeating. The Middle Kingdom is still an incomprehensibly large and diverse realm, and the Chinese culture intertwined in the power and intrigue of the Imperial Court.

DVD 4: Malaysia and Bali:

Part 1: Malaysia - Malaysia is a multicultural country of color, tradition, and beliefs. It is a nation of tolerance and faith, of history and culture, and, it is a destination of rich experiences from the urban sophistication of Kuala Lumpur to the raw beauty of the Borneo jungles. Damon travels the sweep of Malaysia from modern nation, through colonial outpost, to ancient untamed wilderness, as he crisscrosses the country to experience the land and her people.

Part 2: Bali - Bali's enviable tropical location and gorgeous beaches have made it a mecca for tourists and partiers, but it also a very spiritual place. Located at the bottom of Indonesia, Bali is part of the largest Muslim Nation in the world, yet the Balinese have been Hindus as far back as the 11th century when they came into contact with Indian traders. They have a unique take on the ancient religion that incorporates their own environment and experiences. Damon explores this tropical paradise, observing how the local people have borrowed from the consumer culture of the west, while still nurturing their own traditions. He meets priests and prophets, attends weddings and funerals, and gets assaulted by local monkeys in his journey across this famous and magical island. He finds a beautiful, energetic, fun-loving people who are taking the future in both hands without losing sight of their past.

DVD 5: Nepal and Myanmar:

Part 1: Nepal - Nepal is a mystical land nestled in the Himalayas between China and India. It is a country of diverse geography, culture, and religions. With inspirations from neighbors Tibet and India, Nepal is defined by its spiritual blend of Hinduism, Buddhism, and a profound respect for the land. Join Damon as he travels from the dusty streets of Kathmandu to the rural splendor of ancient villages, and on to the pristine mountains of the Himalayas, home to eight of the world's ten largest peaks.

Part 2: Myanmar - Myanmar, commonly known as Burma, is an ancient Buddhist land entering the modern world after a thousand years of isolation. It allows travelers the rare opportunity to catch a glimpse of history in the modern world, before it slips away. Located in Southeast Asia, Myanmar was a kingdom ruled by a succession of indigenous leaders until it fell under British rule in the late 19th century. This period of colonization led to increased Indian and Chinese influence, introducing new facets of culture to the Burmese people. After World War II, the nation gained its independence and has remained under the rule of a military government. Damon travels through this devoutly Buddhist country, visiting stunning pagoda temples, humble monasteries, and chillingly accurate fortune tellers. He experiences everything from old fashioned villages with ancient customs, to modern river cruises with the finest luxuries. Along the way, he talks to monks, nuns, government officials, and schoolchildren to discover how Myanmar's people feel about religion, faith, and its place in the modern world.

DVD 6: South Africa and Taiwan:

Part 1: South Africa - South Africa is full of exotic wildlife, expansive landscapes, and cultural treasures. It is perhaps the most ethnically diverse African nation; with a variety of indigenous tribes, as well as strong Caucasian, Indian, and racially mixed communities. South Africa's history is filled with conflict and it is only a few years removed from the institutionalized oppression of the majority of its people under the apartheid system. But, there are great changes taking place, and the nation is bursting with hope and promise. Damon ventures across this dangerous, yet beautiful country, exploring its many contrasts. From the bustle of Capetown to the wilderness of the desert. From the quaint and friendly villages to the luxurious tourist resorts. He connects to its natural landscape, embarking on safaris, riding elephants, and bonding with giraffes. He listens to its people, speaking to Bushmen about their faith, to villagers about life and death, and to young citizens about their love for their homeland and their hope for a better tomorrow.

Part 2: Taiwan - Taiwan is a dynamic island in the South China Sea known for its unique ties to Chinese culture and customs. But, Taiwan is very diverse, with over 13 native tribes and cultural influences as varied as Dutch, Spanish, and Japanese. Taiwan's history has left a unique imprint and created a very special island. Damon treks across Taiwan, from the bustling metropolis of Taipei to the rural areas in the East, spending time among the people and connecting with the cultural character of the country. He walks the landscapes and visits the communities, stopping to dance, meditate, and practice yoga with everyone from businessmen to Buddhists. He finds himself welcomed in the land that takes great pride in their culture, and a people who treasure their spirituality, honor their past, and are working towards an enlightened future.

  • Shot in stunning high definition and available in both DVD six-pack collection and Blu-ray.
  • Collectible foil-embossed package.
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