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The Secrets Behind Leonardo da Vinci

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The Secrets Behind Leonardo da Vinci
The Secrets Behind Leonardo da Vinci
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How is it that Leonardo da Vinci continues to capture our attention and mystify scholars five centuries after his death? This insightful documentary attempts to piece together the many clues left behind in his diary and masterpieces to create an accurate portrait of this brilliant and legendary man.  As a tribute to this quintessential “Renaissance Man” are interviews with leading scholars on his art, inventions, rivalries and curious codes hidden in his paintings.

Special Features:

The Rise of Renaissance Italy - In the richest era of intellectual and artistic achievements ever known, an amazing confluence on brilliant minds shaped our world.  Marvel at the Renaissance Men and the impact they had on art and though for eternity.

Leonardo’s Masterpieces - Centuries after his death, da Vinci’s paintings still touch, haunt and intrigue us.  The Mona Lisa, the Adoration of the Magi, The Last Supper and other masterworks remind us of his remarkable and timeless style. 

Da Vinci’s Inventions - Trying to discover how technology worked, Leonardo sketched out the tank, parachute, scuba and more.

The Maestro vs. Michelangelo - Did the aging maestro finally meet his match in Michelangelo, and aggressive young upstart?  This feature looks at the works and contrasting styles in this bitter rivalry of the brilliant.

The Works of Two Great Masters: A Timeline - A walk through the lives of Leonardo and Michelangelo juxtaposes the works of two greats.
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