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Scenic Routes Around the World 6 pk.

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Scenic Routes Around the World 6 pk.
Scenic Routes Around the World 6 pk.
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Scenic Routes around the World  is a stunning collection of the world's most exotic and beautiful roads, rivers, and trails, shot in breathtaking high definition.  Behold the splendors of ancient journeys that have connected both famous and forgotten places for centuries, and now connect you to those who traversed them throughout history.

DVD 1: The Pacific

Program 1: A Pan American Journey from Vancouver to Anchorage - Travel the Alaskan Highway from Vancouver to Alaska, taking in the dramatic and rugged coastline, and relish the freedom of the Great North. See abandoned ghost towns, and visit the Chilkoot Pass, a place that embodies the American spirit of adventure like no other.

Program 2: The Route of the Two Oceans - Embark on the thin ridge that links the two Americas, a region concentrating more diversity than any other place in the world. During the journey, follow the Inter-American Highway from Panama City to the Isthmus of Rivas in Nicaragua. This is the narrowest ridge of Central America.

Program 3: New Zealand - Explore New Zealand, also called Aotearoa, the land of the long white cloud. Travel to this beautiful place, which was formerly uninhabited before being colonized by the Maori people 1,000 years ago.

DVD 2: South America

Program 1: Peru: The Inca Trail - The Inca Trail is filled with clues connecting you to ancient civilizations. Begin in Lima and travel through amazing cities, including Oroya and Cusco, before finally arriving at the ultimate destination, the unparalleled mountain kingdom of Machu Picchu.

Program 2: The Amazon - Travel down the Amazon River, the largest river in the world. Encounter young Amazonian boatmen, air-taxi pilots, and the fisherman who live along the water. Visit the few villages along the river: Marajo, an island where Buffalo roam freely, and Manuas, called the "Paris of the Tropics."

Program 3: Patagonia - Patagonia is a magical land at the end of the world, over 1,500 miles from Buenos Aires. The road here is exciting, unrelenting, and sublime. Patagonia's beauty goes hand in hand with its wild and inhospitable environment. At the end of your journey, Ushuaia unfolds like a brilliant picture postcard.

DVD 3: Europe

Program 1: The Danube - From its origins in the Black Forest, to its passage through Vienna, to its delta in the Black Sea, the Danube River flows for over 1,000 miles and crosses through six countries, each bearing witness to twenty-five centuries of European history, culture, and civilization. From Hapsburg Austria to Budapest, the Danube makes perfect a traveling companion.

Program 2: The Iron Curtain - For almost half a century, Europe was divided into East and West by the "Iron Curtain," a border stretching from the Barents Sea to the Black Sea. For 40 years, the Iron Curtain was a symbol of division between two people. Retrace this historical route to find out what remains.

Program 3: Trans Lapland in Scandinavia - This journey follows a giant Northern loop, the Trans-Laponia, a road without night. During this circuit, you will discover unusual lifestyles along the shores of the Barents and Baltic Seas. Each night, the sun continues its majestic dance across gorgeous and unforgettable landscapes.

DVD 4: Asia

Program 1: India - Trek through India's Route of the Gods, a journey that transcends dreams and imagination. Start in Leh, and end in Benares in the valley of the Ganges, crossing the Himalayas at over 16,000 feet. Along the way, you will meet epic characters that define this remarkable country.

Program 2: From Moscow to Irkoutsk - Step back in time to Czarist Russia by taking yourself to Lake Baikal in the heart of distant Siberia. Here, two eras still exist: Czarist Russia, and present day Russia. See the results of 70 years of Soviet domination, and discover what remains of the palaces, churches, and cities that served as backdrops of this fascinating time.

Program 3: The Road to Sinbad - Trek across the Arabian peninsula, from the kingdom of Man to the foreboding Desert of Yemen. In the Dhofar Mountains, you will watch as merchants of old load precious frankincense onto camels to travel down the Road of Sinbad, and distribute it to the four winds of the East.

DVD 5: Far East

Program 1: Japan - The Path of Flowers crosses Japan, from Kyushu to Hokkaido. This gorgeous route takes travelers past over 250 varieties of cherry trees, and provides a rich tapestry that shows why Japan is often considered the ultimate meeting of tradition and modernity.

Program 2: Vietnam - Explore the Vietnam of today from your base in Ho Chi Minh City (also known as Saigon). From the Mekong Delta to the gorgeous Halong Bay, discover hidden faces of a secret country that is moving into the modern age one step at a time.

Program 3: Nepal - In this program, retrace the footsteps of Tenzing Norgay, the first Tibetan Sherpa to scale Mount Everest with Edmund Hillary in 1953. Explore for yourself the magnificent Himalayan environment, literally the roof of the world. This beautiful, nearly 1,000-mile trek, will take you from Darjeeling in India to Kathmandu in Nepal.

DVD 6: Africa

Program 1: The Sahara - Hitch a ride across the Sahara on a camel caravan as it travels the Salt Road. Among the few villages along this route you will discover ancient cultures that are nearly untouched by time. Finally, end in Timbuktu, where merchants have plied their trade for centuries creating the city's legend.

Program 2: Route of the Bushmen - In the lands of Southern Africa you will find the oldest culture in humanity: the Bushmen. When the first Europeans entered at the Cape, the Bushmen migrated north. In this program, follow in their footsteps right to the Kalahari Desert, where the last Bushmen have found refuge.

Program 3: Route of the Kings - This biblical route winds for over 500 miles along the Dead Sea and desert plateau, separating Africa from the Middle East. It traces the ancient route of the Hebrews led by Moses. Finally, follow the routes of the Egyptian caravans that carried wines, gold, and incense.

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