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Nature's Great Events 6 pk.

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Nature's Great Events 6 pk.
Nature's Great Events 6 pk.
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Run Time: Over 8 hours
UPC: 033937080982
ISBN: 9781594643767

Available on Amazon Prime. Here's a link to Nature's Rage: The Great Journeys - Click Here  Otherwise, please search - Questar Nature's Great Events.

This new value-packed six-DVD set, that is printed on foil stock with embossing, lets viewers experience natureís magnificent wonders, awe-inspiring fury, and astonishing creatures. Readerís Digest cameras transport you around the world to capture incredible sights you will want to relive again and again in three great series available for the first time on DVD and in one box set!

Natureís Great Events - Looking for something wild? This three-part series captures breathtaking footage of spectacular migrations, unique parenting habits, and dramatic struggles between predator and prey in the animal kingdom. (Discs 1 & 2).

The Family Life of Animals - Courtship, childrearing and coming of age. Real dramas of survival from the animal kingdom come to life in this mesmerizing series that captures natureís rarest, most exotic, and amazing creatures in their natural habitats, and learn how they have adapted and flourished in some of the worldís harshest terrains. (Discs 3 & 4).

Natureís Rage - This is as close as you want to get to nature at its most extreme! Spellbinding footage from around the globe captures avalanches, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tornadoes and more of natureís most awe-inspiring fury! (Discs 5 & 6).

DVD 1:

Part 1: The Great Journeys - All over our restless planet, animals are on the move! Reader's Digest transports you to witness epic journeys that challenge the exploits of our greatest explorers! From the East African savannah to the Mexican forest, great migrations overwhelm the imagination with their enormous numbers, and fantastic distances. Witness 1.5 million wildebeest on their trek toward rain-replenished grasslands. Gaze at millions of snow geese in dramatic flying formation. Follow male humpback whales on their 6,000-mile round trip in search of mates in tropical waters. Marvel at the 120 million red crabs that blanket Christmas Island on their journey to the sea.

Part 2: The Great Milestones - In the animal kingdom, changing seasons, or shifting phases of the moon, are signs that the time has come for courtship, mating, leaving home, or giving birth. This program captures the spectacles that become some of nature's great events. Join Adelie penguins on their exhausting march to reach the ocean in time for their brief breeding season. Discover the extended family lifestyle of the elephant, where helping out is the rule. Astonishing footage preserves magnificent images of hippos galloping gracefully through the water, wandering albatross locating their lifetime partners, and after a spectacular courtship, taking turns to incubate their single egg, and beaches filled with turtles scooping out nests for the next generation.

DVD 2:

The Great Hunts - Predators come in all shapes and sizes. From powerful polar bears to a swarm of mosquitoes that can drain enough blood to fell a caribou, this compelling program captures the primal struggle for survival that plays out in the great forests, plains, rivers, and lakes of the world's wilderness areas. Witness how millions of feeding flamingos become a target for massive birds of prey, and grizzly bears anticipate the arrival of salmon. Watch with amazement as lions bring down buffalo four times their weight, blind army ants set out on a raiding party, 20-foot-long crocodiles poise to strike their prey, and sea otters attempt to smash mussels against the rocks while turbulent waves crash over them. This is nature at its' most dramatic, as the planet's hungry hunters obey a powerful instinct to find food, no matter the conditions, or the odds, because when ferocious hunger clashes with the will to escape, the outcome is rarely certain.

DVD 3:

Part 1: The Wonders of Lifeís Beginnings - Before there can be family, before the miracle of birth, the dramas of courtship must unfold. To ensure the best offspring, a female must choose her mate wisely, and a male must prove he is Mr. Right. Witness sensational rituals of courtship, including a spring-bok risking his life to defend precious grass that lures the opposite sex; a sage grouse battling for the position to perform his mating display; a beautifully plumed peacock's struggle to attract a mate, but not a predator! In the high-stakes mating game, the chance to reproduce may be more important to the male than life itself. Every miraculous birth heralds the birth of a new generation, but life's trials have only just begun.

Part 2: The Adventures of Childrearing - Raising the young is life's greatest challenge. Family life in the animal kingdom is marked by tragedy and brutality, but also the sweetest of pleasures. Watch with amazement at the surprising and often ingenious ways that parents protect, feed, and shelter their young. You will march with the emperor penguins as they protect precious eggs from the most extreme conditions on Earth. You will delight in comical scenes of romping baby chimps as they learn the art of cracking nuts, and cheer as a herd of elephants responds to the calls of a trapped baby elephant being menaced by a hyena. Observe how animal parents offer their young survival skills they will need when they set out on their own.

DVD 4:

The Road to Independence - In the life of every young creature, there comes a time when it must leave the nest, break away from the safety of home and family, and strike out on its' own. It's how young animals become adults and prepare to have families of their own. It's also how they perpetuate their unique genetic heritage. In this final chapter in the Family Life of Animals, a young bald eagle tests her wings under the watchful eye of her mother, orb-weaving spiderlings spin their first threads of silk, baby loggerhead turtles crowd together for safety, cheetahs develop their hunting skills, and snow geese chicks join an epic migration at six weeks of age. You will be moved and amazed at the many paths animals take on the road to independence.

DVD 5:

Part 1: In Harmís Way! - Welcome to the danger zone, where nature strikes again and again with unimaginable force. Experience the terrors that confront those who live and work in harmís way. You will meet a woman who survived being buried alive in an avalanche for five hours. You will join firefighters battling infernos so intense that they create their own weather patterns! You will witness floods of biblical proportions, and share remarkable stories of courage as ordinary citizens band together to save their homes and help their neighbors.

Part 2: Without Warning - Natureís destructive forces inspire our fear and fuel our fascination. In this program, you will share too-close encounters with relentless tornadoes, lightning strikes that are five times hotter than the sunís surface, home-swallowing sinkholes, and cataclysmic earthquakes. You will experience what itís like to stare 1,000 feet up a tornado funnel, or survive a lightning strike. You will also meet professional storm trackers and scientists who race against time to learn all they can about these devastating and deadly events.

DVD 6:

Tracking the Killers - Everyone talks about the weather. Meet the brave and dedicated people who are trying to do something about it! In this compelling program, you will fly aboard 30-year-old warplanes into the eye of a hurricane, and sail with the International Ice Patrol in search of icebergs. You will face towering walls of water and mountains of fire. You will scan the skies on alert for asteroids on a collision course with our planet. You will watch and listen, map and monitor to try to predict when natureís greatest nightmares will strike next. Harrowing tales from those who have survived volcanic eruptions and tsunamis show what is at stake for scientists and storm trackers whose research and actions can make the difference between life and death.

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