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Kid's Animated History with Pipo 6 pk.

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Kid's Animated History with Pipo 6 pk.
Kid's Animated History with Pipo 6 pk.
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Run Time: 5 hours and 52 minutes
UPC: 033937043239
ISBN: 9781594648052

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Ages 7-12.

Kid’s Animated History With Pipo presents A Time Compass – showcasing significant historical events in a humorous and easy to understand style. This delightful series plays out in a book-like format, taking viewers on a journey in time. From Ancient Egypt to Classical Greece and India... Watch as they learn about the Trojans – fighting for beauty and then getting blindsided by it! Rediscover the world’s incredible history in a fun and amusing way! Every young person will study these great cultures in elementary school, high school, and college. Mom and dad, you can watch too!

DVD 1:

Rome - Conquered the known world, built the Colosseum, and gave civilization Roman Law and Latin, the root of most languages.

Greece - The country that gave birth to democracy and the Olympic Games, the writings of poet Homer –The Iliad and the Odyssey – and the philosophers Socrates, Plato and Aristotle.

Celts & Vikings
- The war-like Celts lived in today’s France and were conquered by Julius Caesar of Rome. The Vikings were explorers, warriors and merchants, and settled in Europe, Asian and North Atlantic.

DVD 2:

India - The 7th largest country with a population of 1.2 billion people who once lived by a caste system. India is known for the Taj Mahal, spice, herbs and condiments.

Mesopotamia - Many groups of people lived in today’s Middle East (where the Hanging Gardens of Babylon were). The society was ruled by elders, and only the rich could be educated.

Carolingian - These people covered most of western Europe (France, Germany). The greatest Carolingian ruler was Charlemagne who was crowned emperor in 800 A.D. by Rome.

DVD 3:

Byzantine - For 1000 years, east and west met on the Silk Road trade route at Constantinople. Here, Emperor Constantine proclaimed Christianity to the world.

Islam - Children will learn about the Prophet Mohammed, Mecca, the Muslim faith, and the sacred mosques.

DVD 4:

Egypt - The Egyptians built the Pyramids and the Sphinx and created a highway of trade on the Nile river. They were the first to use hieroglyphics and paper.

Persians - Zoroaster, Darius, Xerxes, Satraps… learn who and what they are.

Hebrews - Hebrew is a biblical term for what today are know as Israelites, who left Egypt and entered the land of Canaan that God had given to them.

DVD 5:

Aztecs - The Aztecs ruled most all of Mexico, built pyramids and gave us corn, beans, peanuts and chocolate.

Mayans - In 400 B.C. they invented their own calendar and had knowledge of science, astronomy and astrology. Then they disappeared. No one knows why or where.

Incas - In 3000 B.C. the Incas lived in the Andes mountain range, built the hidden site of Machu Picchu, and gave us the potato.

DVD 6:

China - The Chinese built the Great Wall, which took 2000 years to complete! They also gave us silk, gun powder, acupuncture, and the 8 virtues of life.

Japan - The Japanese live on a series of island mountains that experience volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis. They are known for their Samurai warriors and they gave us porcelain.

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