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Getting Ahead - US History 4 pk.

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Getting Ahead - US History 4 pk.
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Run Time: 8 hours
UPC: 033937036705
ISBN: 1594642524

Ages 10-14, Grades 5-8

This live-action four-DVD set vividly brings America's story alive like no textbook can. Priceless archival footage, narration, historical reenactments, and an assortment of perspectives help fifth- to eighth- graders better retain and recall what they read. This visual reinforcement will give students the confidence to participate in classroom discussion, take tests, and improve homework performance. From George Washington and the Revolutionary War to George W. Bush and the horror of 9/11, here are the compelling stories of America's forty-three Presidents and the eras in which they served. Students will witness history as it happens, and gain a clearer understanding of pivotal events and an enhanced appreciation for the key figures that shaped history. Getting Ahead is a powerful learning tool created by nationally renowned New Dimension Media, a leading provider of classroom media content to more than 100,000 K-12 schools for more than a quarter of a century.

DVD 1: (From 1620-1809) Birth of a New Nation - These programs chronicle America's quest for freedom, its early Presidents, and follows explorers Lewis and Clark on their historic expedition.

  • The making of America's Presidency
  • George Washington to Thomas Jefferson
  • Colonial America
  • Sacagawea

DVD 2: (From 1809-1865) America Divided - Informative programs that span the Presidencies of James Madison to Abraham Lincoln and illuminate the causes and consequences of the Civil War.

  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Manifest Destiny
  • The Civil War

DVD 3: (From 1865-1909) Reuniting and Building for Progress - Students will gain an appreciation for the Native-American and African-American perspective on United States history, as well as an understanding of lesser-known Presidents.

  • Theodore Roosevelt
  • Little Big Horn
  • Building the Panama Canal
  • The African-American experience

DVD 4: (From 1909-Present) A New World Power - America enters the 20th Century as a new world power, and remains one over more than a century of triumph and turmoil.

  • World War II
  • The modern Presidency
  • Terrorism hits home on 9/11
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